Jason Bruno

mentor extraordinaire

I am currently a Head Teacher at Vivixx Coding Bootcamp. I teach web development and coding in general. My self made dynamic curriculum focuses on Web and Mobile development in JavaScript. It also also includes bits of WordPress and PHP.

« Im pretty sure we can teach each other a thing or two.
I practice what I preach, so I also code. »

software engineer

I started coding when I was 8 - thats over 2 decades of programming experience. Right now, I am focused on PHP, JavaScript, and of course WordPress.

« Lets do cool stuff together
or, maybe even just talk about it over coffee »

tech evangelist

I love what I do. Whenever Im not up on stage, I talk people into being curious about new technologies. I also like to contribute to different tech communities and open source technologies.

« Lets talk over coffee or whiskey
or see me at the next tech event near you »

expert resource

I frequently speak at various tech events. I can be found talking extensively about Programming, CyberSecurity, Startups, and really just about anything.

Here is where you can find me next.

« cant find an event, let me know